Gullibot (Gullible Robot) was a challenge to myself to see how much I could get done in a few hours (an afternoon). Gullibot is a robot that will learn, if you teach it. Gullibot believes everything you say.

What is it?

Gullibot is a Laravel app. The front end is HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. It uses the browser's built in speech synthesis Gullibot is happy to speak with you, but it doesn't like being interrupted.

It's not perfect

Gullibot was built quickly and could use a lot more work. If I were to do it more seriously, I'd use a front-end framework, proper validation, TypeScript, etc.

One of my goals was to set up a subdomain as I'd never done this before. Gullibot is hosted on the same server as this web page, but on a subdomain, using a different back end and data base. Nginx and TLS for a subdomain were a bit tricky at first, but I learned a lot in the process.

Please be nice to Gullibot. He believes everything you say.